Friday, October 2, 2009

Imagine Jesus' Children Reporting Directly to God

Now what if, Jesus actually had a son, and his son followed the Old Testament rule of being fruitful and multiply. Each one of Jesus' kids had at least 10 kids and by now there's thousands of his descendants all over the world and these guys are watching everything that's going on around them and reporting everything directly to God.

Imagine this, every one of his kids have down syndrome, are handicapped, blind, deaf, homeless, homosexuals and the worst of all, atheists. They have been strategically positioned all over the world to gather information on how, Christians actually treat other people.

Every time that a homeless person has asked you for spare change and you haven't given them anything, this would count as one black mark against you, on the great chalkboard at Judgment Day.

Every sign you held up, rejecting gay marriage or abortion, would count as five black marks. Each one of these people or any other person, who you had intentionally hurt their feelings, would be 15 black marks.

Every time that you lied to another Christian, this would be 50 black marks. If a Christian lied to a nonbeliever, especially when trying to convince them that the Bible is the written Word of God, this would be 150 black marks.

Jesus' children would be reporting directly to him on a daily basis, through the use of the Internet, God's Internet that is. Every Christian who thought they were doing the Lord's work, could actually be in grave danger.

You only get a thousand black marks and if you're 150 black mark short of entering heaven, you will have plenty of time, as you burn in eternal lake of fire, forever. Think about it, the next time that you lie to someone, refuse generosity, or try to convince someone that the Bible is actually the written word of God.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mysteries of the Bible - Advanced Bible Study Techniques

Have you ever wanted to really know what the mysteries of the Bible really are? Was Jesus more important than God? Why were the Jewish people considered to be the chosen ones, even though they don't get to go to heaven, because they don't believe that Jesus Christ was their Lord and Savior? I would like to help you solve some of the mysteries of the Bible.

Whether you're a Jewish or believe in Christianity, each if you share an interest in the Holy Scripture. Jewish people obviously don't believe that Jesus was the Messiah and are still waiting for their Messiah to come and free them. Christians obviously believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the true Messiah and fulfilled all the prophecies.

One of the mysteries of the Bible that I would like to share with you, is that your actually going to need to read the Bible to find them. The biggest mystery of the Bible is actually reading it. You don't need to read the entire Bible, to figure out, what it's actually saying.

Start reading certain sections that interest you. Two of the most read books in the Bible are the books of Genesis, which is the first book in the Old Testament and the book of revelations, which is the last book in the New Testament. Both of these books are extremely popular reads.

The book of Genesis is about the beginning and the book of revelations is about the end of times and this seems to be the biggest interest for Christians. In other words, you're not going to be able to find the mysteries, within the Bible if you don't at least start to read some of it.

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If You're a Christian Woman, You Had Better Watch This Video on Problems With Women Speaking in church. Are women really allowed to speak inside the church, you won't believe what you're about to see.

Greg Vanden Berge is a published author, internet marketing expert, motivational inspiration to millions of people all over the world and is sharing some of his wisdom with experts in the fields of writing,marketing, and personal development. Check out one of his recommended books, You Can Have It All


Properly Exercising Faith - People Who Represent Christianity

It's your responsibility as a Christian to properly exercise your faith and to express your opinions as such. If you don't know something for a fact, you are obligated to seek and gather more information about these so-called facts.

With this said, if you hear a Bible verse quoted to you by someone and you don't necessarily understand 100% of what they are saying or you think that they might be twisting around the Scripture, it's your obligation to find out, the truth and nothing but the truth.

Let me give you an example of how to properly exercise your faith. An atheist walks up to you and asks you why you believe in God, you reply," Because it says so in the Bible." Wrong.., wrong answer. Because it says so in the Bible, isn't what I would consider a good answer. It's what I would consider to be a controlled Christian answer, simple but untrue.

The minute that you start referring to things in the Bible and you don't really understand what it is that you're talking about, you're not doing Christianity any favors. The minute that you listen to another person quote out of the Bible and start repeating, what it is that they were saying, without clearly understanding the truth, you're simply spreading rumors.

Think about this, the next time that you tell someone something that you heard, just because you hear something three times, doesn't make it a fact. I would like to tell you a little secret, so pay attention, simply because someone within your religious community, who others look up to, say something that sounds believable, don't start spreading rumors, find out for yourself, if it's actually true.

Christian Bible Problems

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Greg Vanden Berge is a published author and a inspiration to millions of people. He has been involved in religious research for almost 30 years, and his influence in the Christian community is growing. The Holy Bible, is the core to Christian beliefs and most Christians don't even question it. Was the Bible actually written by men?

His newest book," Did God Actually Say That?" Was written specifically for Christians who are interested in gaining additional knowledge about the Bible. This book provides Christians with advanced biblical knowledge, answer some tough questions and should be read by every faithful follower of Christ.

Understanding the Bible

Monday, September 14, 2009

Strategies to Become a Motivation Speaker

If you are an interesting speaker and have many memorable experiences in life to motivate others, then you can become a motivation speaker. Motivation speaking is nothing but public speaking to convey a special message that could help the audience in lifting their morale. A successful motivation speaker must have something special to deliver and must be able to carve a niche out for himself. In many ways, motivational speaking is a commodity that must be sold.

Why Should People Pay To Listen To A Motivation Speaker?

Problems are a part of parcel of our life. At times, it takes a toll on our confidence and the zeal in our life vanishes. In bad times we all look forward for some motivation and this is where a motivation speaker is needed. The speaker should be articulate in narrating his own experiences in life to inspire others.

Strategies For Motivational Speaking

Charity begins at home and the saying goes well for everyone who is trying to make a career out of motivation speaking. The best thing is to start around you own neighborhood or locale for free to make your name. Slowly others will start contacting you after hearing about the interesting experiences you have to share. Also start informing others about your availability. You should also start contacting non-profit organizations and other professional bodies. You can also register with any speaker's bureau, but they will charge you for acting as your agent. It is the desire which will carry forward the speaker and no special education or training is needed for one to succeed.

Developing The Special Message

The speaker has to put in a lot of hard work to write the special message. First and foremost he should start with what he (or she) has to say and how will it help others. The message should be special and the audience should connect to it. It should have some real life experience with dollops of humor to keep it lively.

Warnings For A Motivation Speaker

The speaker should be spontaneous with his speech and he should avoid using fillers like aa, uh and eh. If you get nervous and forget your speech then you should take a deep breath and start speaking from your mind.

The speaker should also avoid taking an awkward pause because it breaks the flow of the speech. Even if he forgets the speech, he should be able to cover for it by speaking from the heart. Before facing the audience, the speaker should rehearse well to get the confidence.
The best way to overcome nervousness is by focusing on the audience and not what they are going to think about your speech. Try to speak cleverly and repeat the message at least thrice.

The need of motivation speakers is increasing every day. Throughout history, they have inspired generations and have helped others to achieve their goals. Some of the top motivational speakers are legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong, Olympic swimming champion Amanda Beard and Dr. Deepak Chopra.

In schools throughout North America, motivation speakers are in great demand to inspire students to say no to drugs and crime and lead a healthy life. Besides, motivation speakers also help people to heal their relationships, lead a healthy life and prosper in business to have fun in life.

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How to Carry Out Your Self-Help Affiliate Training Without the Stress

It's not entirely easy to get effective affiliate training on your own. Like any other business, it's true that a huge chunk of affiliate marketing depends on luck. However, jumping into the shark lagoon of online entrepreneurs without ample knowledge about the industry will also cause you to fall apart. Here are ways to help you familiarize yourself with the industry without spending a penny.

Join public forums about affiliate marketing

Believe it or not, getting basic affiliate training can be as easy as signing up on forums. This is, of course, provided that you're good at conversations. There are online communities that offer to pass on valuable nuggets of information to starting affiliates. You need to use your head, though, because some of these tips need to be taken with a grain of salt. This means that you can't simply take free advice and tips from strangers without testing them out first. After gathering enough basic data, you can either choose to experiment by using your own choice of affiliate marketing tools. Most people prefer to surf the internet, though, and gather reviews instead. In other words, you can choose to get your affiliate marketing training on your own, for free, but you need to make a lot of effort doing so.

Be involved in one affiliate marketing strategy at a time

Unless you have money to spare, it's highly risky to test out a dozen affiliate marketing tools at the same time. This will also make "learning about the industry" a bit harder simply because you're distracted. Stick to one strategy at a time, and try to work your way through it. It's bound to be tough, because all businesses are tough when you start out. Give your strategy at least six months to progress before totally giving up on it.

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How Can My Fireplace Affect My Health?

Many people love the look of fireplaces in their homes. Having a fireplace creates a warm, inviting feel that makes visitors feel at ease, and creates a centerpiece that enhances the dcor of any room.

Although fireplaces are usually good for your home's energy, there are a couple of situations where having a fireplace can actually drain the positive energy of your home, and create an environment that can foster poor health.

This can happen when you have a fireplace that is located in the center of your home. Your home's center is the most important area for maintaining positive energy and good health. This is because the energy in this area affects all of the other areas in your living space. For this reason, it is vital that the energy in this area be kept as clear as possible.

The center of your house represents the center of your body. Having a strong element of fire in this area is just like having excessive heat running through your body. Having a fireplace in the center of your home can create a sense of exhaustion throughout your living space. It also affects your adrenal glands, and can weaken your immune system.

Obviously, if you have a fireplace in the center of your home, it is not practical to move it for the sake of improving your home's energy. However, there are a number of feng shui techniques you can use to stop the energy drain.

First, you can place a water feature, such as a small table top fountain or a fish tank, near your fireplace. Including the water element in this area will help to balance the energy created by the fire element.

If it is not possible to place a water feature near your fireplace, you can use objects that represent water, such as paintings or pictures of seascapes, rivers, lakes, or waterfalls. Hanging these pictures over or near your fireplace will help to improve the energy throughout your entire home.

You can also use black colored objects to represent the water element. Black planters, vases, and statuary placed near your fireplace will help to build positive energy to support your family's good health.

Hanging a mirror over your fireplace, or placing one in the surrounding area, will also bring in the water element. Using a mirror near your fireplace will stop the drain of energy, and you'll notice that your whole house just feels better.

Another area that is not ideal for a fireplace in terms of health is in the middle, left area of your home. This area also represents health, as well as family. Having a fireplace here can result in 'heated' family issues or over-activity in the body (such as high blood pressure, over-active thyroid, etc.)

Once again, the key is to balance out the fire energy with the element of water in the same ways as mentioned previously. Since this area is also associated with the wood element, you could also add some wood here - some ways to do that would be to bring in a plant or some flowers, a picture of flowers, plants or trees, or simply something that is made of wood. You could also use anything in the colors of blue or green.

It is important to take care of your health in any way that you can. If you have health issues and you happen to have a fireplace in either of these two areas - you'll want to consider these recommendations. They really can make a big difference.

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Chopsticks and Etiquette

When you are invited to a Chinese home for a meal, it is helpful to be aware of Chinese table manners, or etiquette. First, several dishes are placed in the center of the table. Wait until the host or the head of the family picks up his chopsticks and motions for all to start. That is the proper moment for the guests to acknowledge the invitation, pick up their chopsticks, and proceed.

Unlike some Western-style meals, the dishes are not passed around the table. Rather, all at the table help themselves. In a family meal, it is customary for each member to use his or her own pair of chopsticks to take pieces from the common dishes and put them right into the mouth. Even so, it is considered bad manners to slurp your food, lick the ends of your chopsticks, or pick through the dishes for your favorite piece. Mothers in the Orient instruct their children not to bite the ends of their chopsticks, not only because they are concerned about hygiene but also because it spoils the appearance of the chopsticks.

Out of consideration for guests, sometimes serving spoons or additional chopsticks are provided. These are used to take pieces from the center dishes to another dish or to your rice bowl. Still, do not be offended if your host uses his chopsticks to pick out a choice morsel and place it right into your bowl. After all, he wants to make sure that his honored guest gets the best piece!

It is considered bad manners to point with chopsticks, just as it is with knives and forks. It is equally bad manners to pick up something else while you still have your chopsticks in your hand. So when you need to use the serving spoon or to pick up a napkin or a teacup, first put down your chopsticks. Small, attractive chopstick stands are often provided for this purpose.

When you finish eating, put your chopsticks down neatly, sit back, and wait. It is bad manners to leave the table before everyone finishes. Once again, it is the host or the head of the family who brings the meal to a close by rising and inviting all to leave the table.

Now that you know how to use them, all you need to do is get some chopsticks and practice with them. The next time someone invites you to a Chinese restaurant or to their home for a Chinese meal, why not try a pair of the "quick ones"? It may even make the food taste better!

A Little Chopstick History

Some Chinese scholars believe that the first chopsticks were used, not for eating, but for cooking. Small pieces of raw food were wrapped in leaves, and sticks were used to transfer heated pebbles into the wrapping. In this way food could be cooked without the cook getting burned! Later in history, chopsticks were used to remove pieces of food from the cooking pot.

The Japanese, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, and others in the Orient also use chopsticks, and this is largely because of the influence of Chinese culture.

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